ELSA Products

ELSA Trainers’ Manual by Sheila Burton

ELSA Trainers’ Manual has been produced to enable others to replicate the highly successful ELSA project currently operating across Hampshire.

It comprises ten training presentations with presenters’ notes and a wide range of supporting documents. The manual includes a CD-ROM, plus a DVD of an ELSA training session ‘Working with Puppets’.

Written by Sheila Burton, the educational psychologist who developed the ELSA role first in Southampton and then in Hampshire, ELSA Trainers’ Manual draws upon many years of experience in training people for this work.

Publisher: Taylor and Francis (enquiries@taylorandfrancis.com)

ELSAs in Action DVD

ELSAs in Action is a DVD which showcases the ELSA role in two Hampshire schools (primary and secondary). It features individual and group work with infant, junior and secondary pupils.

The DVD was produced to show ELSAs in training and how others are putting it into practice. It is a useful resource for those wishing to set up ELSA locally as it includes descriptions by a primary head teacher and secondary assistant head teacher of the impact the work is having in their respective schools. The DVD is also being used in schools to help other staff understand what ELSA is all about.

The ELSAs in Action DVD (Price £25) is available from Hampshire Educational Psychology, Winchester Local Office (Telephone 01962 876239).

Emotional Wellbeing: An Introductory Handbook by Gillian Shotton and Sheila Burton

Emotional Wellbeing: An Introductory Handbook was written by Gillian Shotton and Sheila Burton who worked together as educational psychologists in Southampton and Hampshire. It was created specifically to support the ELSA role, reflecting all areas of the ELSA training in Hampshire.

Gillian has gone on to develop ELSA work in Northumberland, and both have supported the introduction of the ELSA model in various other local authorities. Each chapter outlines some key psychology with a focus on practical applications, illustrated by brief case examples. The final chapter outlines a wide range of published games and books that ELSAs have found popular in their work with children.

Publisher: Taylor and Francis (enquiries@taylorandfrancis.com)