Research invitation to ELSAs

Researchers at the University of Oxford are working on a project to identify children with anxiety difficulties in primary schools and deliver an online parent-led CBT intervention. To ensure that the procedures that have been developed are suitable for parents, children, teachers, they would like to hear from professionals working in the field of child mental health and education (e.g. ELSAs, Eps, SENCO’s, EMHPs) about their views on the project.  It is hoped that the feedback provided will help to meaningfully shape this evidence-based early intervention for children and young people. Taking part would involve an interview with a researcher (approx. 60 mins) by telephone/MS Teams and each participant will receive £20.00 as a thank you for their time. To get involved, please email:


Dr Victoria Williamson

Departments of Experimental Psychology and Psychiatry

University of Oxford

Tel: 01865 618399 / 07490092960

Emotional Wellbeing: an introductory handbook for schools

The second edition of this handbook by Gillian Shotton and Sheila Burton, written primarily for ELSAs, has just gone to print (10 August) and is now expected to be published on 6th September 2018. There is a good deal of new content, reflecting unpublished updates to the original ELSA training that are now widely used by educational psychology services across the UK.

GDPR and ELSA local contacts

The ELSA Network holds contact details of EPs delivering ELSA by request. They are visible to the public in the area directory because you have requested to be contacts for ELSA in your own localities. I also hold an email contact list which replicates this information. You may request at any time that your details be removed from the website and my email list. Unless you make such a request, I will assume that you still wish to receive ELSA Network emails and be visible on the website area directory. The list is never given to third parties.


Hampshire ELSA Conference

There are still a few spaces left at this year’s ELSA conference in Hampshire.

Book at:

ELSA Conference 2018 – ‘Building Resilience’

This conference will support staff in developing their understanding of resilience theory and offer practical advice and strategies which can be used to support both the children and young people ELSAs work with and the ELSAs themselves.

One day conference for trained ELSAs

Presented by Hampshire and Isle of Wight Educational Psychology

Dr Tina Rae – Key Note Speaker

Dr Tina Rae has over 30 years experience working with children, adults and families in both clinical and educational contexts within local authorities and specialist educational services. Tina specialises in social, emotional and behavioural disorders and difficulties.

Psychologists have long recognised that some children develop well despite growing up in high risk environments. This capacity to cope with adversity and even be strengthened by it, is at the heart of resilience. It is not something that people either have or don’t have – resilience is learnable and teachable and as we learn we increase the range of strategies available to us when things get difficult.

This key note will draw on insights from social care, CBT approaches and Positive Psychology, to develop an understanding of how resilience can be applied in work with children and young people.

Afternoon Workshops …..

  1. ‘ELSA skills to build pupil resilience’ – Sheila Burton, Educational Psychologist
  2. ‘Building resilience using Therapeutic Stories’ – Dr Laura Giles, Educational Psychologist
  3. ‘Resilience for Change and Transition’   –  Lorraine Lee, Trainer (
  4. ‘Keeping your bucket stable’ (ELSA wellbeing)’ – Sonia O’Donnell, Headteacher
  5. ‘The Resilience Ball: A Framework for Thinking about Resilience’ – Dr Cath Lowther, Educational Psychologist

Anna Cox

Emotional Wellbeing Conference – Mon 2nd July 2018

Hello all! Just to let you know, Sheila Burton has agreed to speak at a conference we (Psychology Associates) are running in July at Buckfast Abbey, Buckfastleigh, Devon – other confirmed speakers include Professor Sue Roffey (creator of Circle Solutions), and Dr Val Brooks (Highly Specialised Speech and Language Therapist). Afternoon workshops will focus on (among other things!) Counselling skills for ELSAs, Circle Solutions, Therapeutic Play, Mental Health First Aid, the Role of Speech and Language, and PACE.

Cost is £135 plus VAT for the day including lunch and refreshments with a reduction of £25 on the earlybird rate until 31st March. If interested, please contact our lovely training co-ordinator Amanda:, 01752-581001.
Hope to see some of you there!”

Dr Matt Baker (Educational Psycholgist, Psychology Associates)