Useful Resources

 Useful Resources

Take a look at the resources below, some of which have been developed by ELSAs around the UK and some of which are published resources recommended by ELSAs. All free resources can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the link.


Sample planning documents
ELSA Supervision Guidelines
Guidance for ELSA Supervisors
ELSA Supervision Pack (Prompt Cards)
ELSA Session Plan
Programme and Session Planning
Proforma Referral With Specifics
ELSA Supervision Record Sheet
Proforma Parent Communication Letter

Steps to consider when ELSA support is suggested

How to Look After Your Unicorn
Name the Emotion’ game
‘Emotions’ game
Emotion fans
Emotion words
Useful Books
Useful Resources
What do I want to happen 1-10
Feel the need to share

Bear Boxes

Mood Munchers
Other Free Resources

Emotional Regulation

Relaxation using controlled breathing
Books Beyond Words – Online versions for children dealing with painful life situations

Derbyshire Behaviour Box

Zones of regulation pre-and post-intervention survey

Loss and Separation

Useful Books – Recommended by ELSAs
What is Grief
Therapeutic Story for Transition
Activities to help Grieving Children
Apart Of Me (Application for bereaved young people and children)
5 Supportive Reads for Bereaved Children

Bear Us in Mind Toolkit


Competency Profile
‘Horace the Miracle Alpaca
Strength Card
George The Cat Who Lost His Confidence

Teen Body Image And Self-esteem – A Practical Guide For Parents

Managing Anxiety and Self-Esteem (workshop)

The Greater Me Cards

Eating Disorders

Support in spotting signs of eating disorders and resources for awareness raising work in schools

Social and Friendship Skills

Social Story – Tim
Sharing Sean
‘Does Pop Need a Wash?’

Emotional Wellbeing Evaluation Tools

ELSA Assessment Tools Grid v2

Social Skills Performa

Tracking Social and Emotional Skills

SDQ Scoring


Emotional Readiness Scale

Your New School

Borba’s Building Blocks of Self Esteem Scaling

Borba’s Building Blocks of Self Esteem

Emotion Based School Avoidance

The School Wellbeing Card Set

The College Wellbeing Card Set

EBSA Risk and Resilience Profiles