Useful Links

Bereavement Links

1. RD4U
Part of Cruse, this website offers online bereavement support for young people.

2. Winston’s Wish
Bereavement support, including resources for schools that can be downloaded.

3. Simon Says
Child bereavement support.

4. The Child Bereavement Charity
Has sections for families, schools, children and young people.

5. Mosaic
Mosaic supports children, young people and families in Dorset, Poole and Bournemouth. In addition to individual counselling and group activities, Mosaic provides consultation and training for professionals to enable them to safely support bereaved children.


Downloadable Resources

1.  SEN Teacher
Has general learning support resources, but includes some that would specifically be helpful to ELSAs.

2. MES English
Has some useful resources for emotions.

3. Snivel and Shriek
General useful emotional literacy resources, downloadable for a join-up fee.

4. Do2Learn
Some general resources plus some specific to emotional awareness.

5. ELSA Support Materials
A resource website set up by Debbie Palphreyman, an ELSA in York, collating many downloadable materials for use by ELSAs. These have been developed by Debbie and are not official ELSA publications.

6. Moodjuice
This site has pupil-friendly information about a wide range of emotional difficulties arising from troublesome thoughts, feelings and actions.

7. CBT Resources
A wide range of self-help resources that may be useful to secondary school ELSAs.

8. Cognitive Behaviour Self-Help Resources
Worksheets to support conversations about the connection between thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Interactive Websites

1. Cam’s Den
Cam’s Den is a new interactive emotional wellbeing website developed by the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust in north London. It is designed for use by children
aged 7-10 years.

The site is based on Cam, a friendly sock puppet, and his crew of pals who are named after different emotions: Happy, Sad, Calm, Confused, Angry and Scared. It is the first website of its kind for this age group in the UK and each section of the site was developed in line with the social and emotional aspects of learning (SEAL) national curriculum.


1. Incentive Plus
A large range of useful books, games and other resources.

2.  Puppets by Post
An excellent range of engaging puppets.



1. Goodmans SDQ
Goodmans SDQ.

2. Authentic Happiness
Focuses on self-esteem.


SEAL Materials 

1. SEAL Materials
This website provides easy access to all the national SEAL materials (including small group sessions). It includes an option to become a member of the SEAL community, with members receiving a regular newsletter and access to lots of resources additional to the original national ones.